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Agri-tourism gives farmers an opportunity to earn extra income. It helps redistribute economic resources in the country from the cities and increases the chances of rural people getting income. This generates a large number of visitors for the farm area. The purpose of agri-tourism is to acquaint oneself with agricultural products including entertainment.

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What Is It?

This form of tourism helps one stay with the farmer, engage oneself in farming activities, and eat authentic food. It involves staying in a farmhouse or separate guest house which will provide meals, organize activities involving observing and participating in farming operations. It is a leisure activity in an agricultural environment with an opportunity to help farming while staying.


Agriculture is one of the most important occupations of Maharashtra and the state is blessed with vast agricultural land. It is also the state which pioneered the development and promotion of Agro Tourism in the country. One can have an enhanced rural experience by participating in the village traditions, understand village culture, customs, and immerse in village art and artworks. Ride a bullock cart or a tractor, fly a kite, wear traditional clothes, enjoy folk songs, and dance. Agro tourism center consists of accommodation and restaurant facilities to provide lodging and food for the tourists who visit the farm for long vacation. It also has an educational center where experienced personnel will provide information about crops or animals. It helps experience the rustic countryside filled with the smell of farms and sounds.

Uses To Tourists / People

Farmers in Maharashtra maintain good standards of household and farm hygiene, ensuring a heart-warming experience for tourists. Tourists can buy farm-fresh produce in the goodness of nature, enjoy farming with a difference where new ideas for growth can be cultivated. It helps tourists understand the process of food production, the life of rural families and rural communities, and allows tourists to have direct contact with domestic animals, plants and animal products.

How It Benefits The Community / Tourists

Agri-tourism ensures that farmers sell their produce at good prices and make a living all year round. It helps create new jobs for family members or even locals, creating jobs for women and youth in rural communities. Tourists and farmers interact with each other, cultivate relationships and better understand their needs. It helps small towns like Gadchiroli and Hingoli to put some names on the tourist map of Maharashtra. Through agri-tourism, you can help bring some real food home.


At present there are 328 agro-tourism centers spread across 30 districts of Maharashtra namely Baramati, Satara, Pune, Nashik, Nagpur, Kolhapur. The Baramati Agri-Tourism Center in Pune district has some of the most successful agro-tourism centers in the field of fruit farming and tractor and bullock cart rides, indoor and outdoor games, rural sports, sugar industry tourism, and jaggery making. The tourist center is famous for its cane, cashew and mango plantations and there are various activities like tractor ride, bullock cart ride, jungle safari for the tourists to get various experiences. Drum Stick Agri-Tourism Center, Fruit and Vegetable and Cash Farm in Nashik District. It has activities like bullock carts and tractor rides that have a play area. It is close to the Trumbakeshwar temple and also has a vineyard and sugar industry.