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Caravan Tourism


Caravans promote tourism in the state's remote areas, showcase Maharashtra’s beautiful untapped natural locations, green spaces, rich heritage, and history. Caravan tourism helps create local job opportunities. It helps promote circuits and destinations which don't have adequate accommodation facilities or in areas where permanent construction may neither be feasible nor permissible

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What Is It?

A unique concept of ‘holiday and home on wheels’ for all those who don’t wish to be bound by itineraries or hotel bookings and wish to stop anywhere. You can cook your meal, carry your stuff with a baggage limit, be in complete isolation in specially designed recreational vehicles built for accommodation, leisure, and travel.


Road trip across the state on offbeat paths, winding western ghats, through vast coastal plains of Konkan enjoying clear skies, blue water, and mesmerizing sunsets at your own pace. Maharashtra offers a unique experience to explore its picturesque locations in a caravan launched by Maharashtra Tourism in association with Motohom (Moving hotels on Wheels) during Covid times. Sleep watching the night sky and wake up to the sound of nature, experience a different panoramic view each day as you drive around living a nomadic life across the state of Maharashtra. Just pull up at a scenic spot and enjoy being one with nature. It provides you with the perfect safety bubble that you might need. It promotes family-oriented tours or you can even tag along with your fur friend in the vehicle or travel with your group of friends or even all by yourself.

Uses To Tourists / People

Caravan tourism offers an affordable travel experience with good safety and hygiene and minimum human contact. It allows one to have a flexible holiday without having to go through the hassle of searching and booking accommodation or planning a detailed trip.

How It Benefits The Community / Tourists

The community benefits economically by promoting shopping in local markets and also supports local businesses. It helps to create jobs for local people from rural areas. The caravans are self-contained vehicles with bathrooms ensuring the care of the natural environment. Caravans are allowed to be parked at MTDC’s surrounding open lands, eco-parks, or MTDC’s guest houses areas thus taking care of not obstructing reasonable passage. These parking spaces ensure disposal of waste in an appropriate manner thus, causing no harm to nature.


Currently, there are two types of caravans in Maharashtra: a small-sized minivan designed with a rear passenger seat area that can be converted into a flatbed, a detachable sleeping space that can be fitted on the roof, and amenities to cook a meal on the go. The large-sized camper van is more of a traditional motorhome which is ideal for families. It features a small bedroom, a kitchen, a living space, a bathroom, and a terrace area on the roof. Both these vehicles have a waste disposal system, GPS tracking system to help in case of a breakdown. There are front and rear-mounted close circuit cameras for security. They are also equipped with security sirens and SOS buttons. One can take any type of tour like hill station route, highway places, along the coastal side, or even cave routes.