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Caravan Tourism Registration


To complete the payment, visit the following link: https://gras.mahakosh.gov.in/echallan/

Department of Tourism has introduced a new policy to promote Caravan Tourism in the state of Maharashtra. With this purpose, we are inviting applicants who intend to get licensed with the state government.

Application processing Fees of INR 5000/- for New Registration & INR 2000/- for Renewal (every 5 year) on www.grass.mahakosh.gov.in (gras.mahakosh.gov.in. Click to proceed GRAS > Pay Without Registration > Directorate of Tourism*)

17. Upload Copy of Challan (Application Fee) *

18. Upload Vehicle Registration Card Document *

19. Upload Vehicle Insurance *

Click here to download Declaration Form

20. Sign the below declaration and upload a scanned copy *