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In Maharashtra

Top 10 Caves of Maharashtra

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Popular Caves of Maharashtra

India is the land of beauty and wonder and one of the most mysterious places to explore is the number of caves. If cave exploration is your thing, you must visit the enchanting and surreal caves in Maharashtra

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Pitalkhora .

A group of 18 caves located at Pitalkhora just about 80 kilometers from Aurangabad are one of the earliest examples of rock-cut architecture in India. Carved in the Satamala range of the Western Ghats of Maharashtra they are an early Buddhist site which dates back to the 2nd century BCE and are now a valuable source of study of the early Buddhist architecture. This is no doubt a remote place but a visit becomes worth the effort when you look at the architectural beauty of the caves

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Panhale Kaji .

The Panhale Kaji cave is a group of 29 caves located in the Ratnagiri district. These caves are on the bank of the Kotjal river. 

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पांडवलेणी .

It is a cave complex with 24 caves on the Mumbai Nashik Highway. Many of the rock-cut caves in Maharashtra are believed to be built by Pandava from Mahabharat and are called Pandavleni. Following similar folklores, these caves are called Pandavleni. 

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Mahakali Caves .

The Mahakali Caves, also known as Kondivita caves, is a group of 19 rock-cut caves. It is at Andheri, a western suburb of Mumbai in Maharashtra. It is a group of Buddhist caves with Chaitya and viharas. Some caves have beautiful sculptures and also remains of inscriptions. 

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Karle Caves .

The cave at Karle is a cluster of 15 ancient Buddhist caves. It is approx. 11 KM from Lonavala and very easily accessible by road. Cave 8 is the main chaitya (Buddhist Prayer Hall) here and is considered as 'the largest and best preserved' chaitya from its period. 

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Kanheri Caves .

The Kanheri caves are one of the most significant Buddhist heritage sites in the Mumbai region. It is a cave complex with more than a hundred caves excavated over centuries. 
The Buddhist monastery at Kanheri has witnessed multifold power shifts and political tumult during its lifetime of over 1600 years.

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Ghatotkacha Caves .

The Ghatotkacha Caves are near Janjala village. This group of caves belong to Mahayana Buddhism.

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Gandharpale Caves .

Gandharpale Caves is a Buddhist cave complex near Mahad, popularly known as Pandavleni. It is a unique site that marks the various phases of development in Buddhism.

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Ellora Cave .

One of the most fascinating archaeological sites in Maharashtra, Ellora dates back to about 1,500 years ago, and is the epitome of Indian rock-cut architecture. The 34 caves are actually Buddhist, Hindu and Jain religious monuments carved in the rock. They were given the status of World heritage Site in 1983.

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Dharashiv Caves .

Dharashiv Caves is a nexus of 7 rock-cut caves.
They were carved in the 5th - 6th century AD and are the place of faith for Buddhist and Jain religions.

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Ajanta .

Maharashtra is known for its abundance of Buddhist caves – about 800 of them spread across various districts. But of these, the 32 caves  at the World Heritage Site of Ajanta stand out distinctively and attract tourists in large numbers because of their architectural splendour, Buddhist legacy and artistic masterpieces, including narratives painted on the walls of ‘chaityas’ (prayer halls) and ‘viharas’(residential cells). The caves include paintings and sculptures described by the...

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Bhaja Caves .

Bhaja Caves is known as one of the earliest Buddhist rock-cut monasteries in Deccan. It dates back to the 2nd Century CE. This group of caves include 22 caves.

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Bedse Caves .

Bedse Caves are a group of Buddhist Caves that can be dated back to the 1st Century BC. The caves complex is a beautiful example of Buddhist Architecture.

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Aurangabad Caves .

These caves are loacted on the outskirts of Aurangabad city, not far from the Bibi Ka Maqbara; there are three groups of Buddhist Caves. It consists of twelve caves spread from east to west. These are known as Aurangabad caves.

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Caves Of Mumbai .

As the most enduring remnants of India’s treasured past, the caves in Mumbai, otherwise known as the commercial capital of the country, present a rich legacy of spiritual thought, faith and the culture of those times. But where, you may well ask, can caves be found in the cheek-by-jowl congestion of Mumbai? Rest assured, there are many! But it takes the spirit of an explorer to discover them, absorb the ambience that continues to linger over the years, and marvel at the religious icons...

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Elephanta Cave .

As you stand at Mumbai’s most well-known spot of tourist interest – the Gateway of India – the most overwhelming desire you will experience is to step into a boat and explore the Arabian Sea. But this need not just be a whim. It can serve a purpose too if you take the ride to visit the Elephanta Island which is just 10 kilometers from Mumbai. Not only is the island host to a bounty of nature in the form of lush plantations of palm, mango and tamarind trees but is also home to ancient cave...

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Kuda Caves .

The Kuda Caves are in Janjira hills facing the Arabian sea. It is known by the name of the village with the same name from the Raigad district. The natural surrounding and architectural designs of these caves together give a blissful experience.

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Dinity of Maharashtra

These caves are gorgeous in their architecture and photography lovers can take endless stunning shots of the beautiful sculptures. Religious devotees will love the panels depicting various stories from Hindu mythology and cultural connoisseurs will delight in the ancient paintings adorning the walls.

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