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Dhamma Giri Vipassana International Academy

Dhamma Giri Vipassana International Academy

Tourist Destination / Place

Dhamma Giri Vipassana International Academy is a mediation centre. It stands parallel to Vipassana Research Institute. Over 400 cells work for individual meditation in the centre of Pagoda.

Districts/ Region

Igatpuri, Nashik District, Maharashtra, India.

Unique Features / Exclusivity

The Dhammagiri Vipassana International  Academy has its campus at Igatpuri. It is an institute to teach the Buddhist meditation technique of Vipassana popular in Myanmar. Indeed, Vipassana is a genuine way of self transformation through self-observation. The way of Vipassana concentrates on the deep interconnection between mind and body. It is experienced directly with disciplined attention to the physical sensations that form the body. They consistently interconnect and condition the life of the mind. In a nutshell, it is this observation-based, self-exploratory journey to the common root of mind and body. It even dissolves mental impurity, resulting in a balanced mind, full of love and compassion. 
Mr Satya Narayan Goenka (born 1924) is a Principal Teacher of Vipassana. He is the practical quintessence of the Buddha's teaching and a student of Sayagyi U Ba Khin. He is recognized as he has trained more than 800 assistant teachers, and each year more than 100,000 people attend Vipassana courses.
The Institute at Igatpuri started its first course in 1969. It offers accommodation for over 600 students. There are separate facilities for monks. The Pagoda here is a replica of the famous Pagoda in Myanmar. There are various places allotted specifically for mediation apart from the individual cells in the Pagoda. Other halls are dedicated to foreign language courses. There are common halls for meditation too. 
There are various courses based on meditation for all kinds of age groups which start from a 3-day course to months. Apart from the Pagoda, there is also an Institute allotted for research where several case studies are performed and documented.
The visit to the campus of the institution at Igatpuri is an experience for tourists. The Campus has various facilities including an art gallery, a bookshop and a souvenir shop. 
This campus helps to experience inner peace.


The pagoda stands on the hills of Igatpuri and is approximately 1968 ft. above sea level, it is surrounded by the Sahyadri Mountain ranges. It is 48.6 KM away from the city of Nashik.

Weather / Climate

The average annual temperature is 24.1 degrees Celsius.
Winters are extreme in this region, and the temperature goes as low as 12 degrees Celsius.
The sun is very harsh during summers. The region gets more rain during summer than winters. The temperature during summer goes above 30 degrees Celsius.
The average annual rainfall is around 1134 mm.

Things To Do

Pagoda at Igatpuri is a meditation centre, one may apply for the various meditation courses there. One can spend time exploring the pagoda as well. 

  • Image of Dhamma Giri Vipassana International Academy

Nearest Tourist Place

  • Camel Valley (3.9 KM)
  • Tringalwadi Fort (11.5 KM)
  • Kulang Fort (18.1 KM)
  • Kavnai Fort (19.1 KM)
  • Alang Fort (22.2 KM)
  • Vaitarna Dam (35 KM)
  • Kalsubai peak (35 KM)

How To Travel To Tourist Place

By Air , Rail, Road (Flight, Train , Bus ) with distance and required time

  • By Flight : Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. (120 KM)
  • By Train : Igatpuri Railway station. (1.6 KM)
  • By Bus : This place is easily accessible by road one may hire a private vehicle to visit the place.

Special Food Speciality And Hotel

The place is famous for Maharashtrian Cuisine which is available in the vicinity in abundance and can be found in any local restaurants easily.

Accommodation Facilities Nearby & Hotel/ Hospital/Post Office/Police Station

●    There are many hotels and lodges available in the vicinity of Igatpuri.
●    The closest police station is Igatpuri Police station. (2.6 KM)
●     The closest hospital is Central Railway Hospital Igatpuri. (1.5 KM)

MTDC Resort Nearby Details

Grape Park Resort MTDC is the nearest MTDC Resort at a distance of 58.6 KM.

Visiting Rule and Time, Best Month To

The best time to visit Pagoda Igatpuri is from December to February. The Pagoda opens at 10:00 A.M and closes at 5:00 P.M.

Language Spoken In Area

English, Hindi, Marathi.