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Wellness Tourism


The purpose of wellness tourism is to maintain a balance of body, mind and soul. Wellness tourism aims at providing high-quality wellness care at affordable prices. Wellness tourism helps connect with self as well as with family.

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What Is It?

Wellness tourism is travel associated with achieving a state of health that involves a sense of well-being. Wellness tourism offers an opportunity to maintain and improve one’s holistic health. It may include eating healthy, a fitness regime, meditation sessions, detoxification of the body, spas and massages.


The wellbeing of the mind is equally important as the physical body. Maharashtra offers two types of wellness tourism - inner wellness and physical wellness. Inner wellness focuses on spiritual, emotional and intellectual wellbeing and can be experienced by ayurvedic techniques, yoga, massages and meditation. Physical wellness tourism includes spa treatments and other treatments like detoxification and beauty treatments Maharashtra has a perfect combination of unmatched nature along with rich traditional knowledge of yoga, Ayurveda and other traditional healing methods which have been practised by people over centuries for mental and physical wellbeing. In the world skill competition, Maharashtra’s skill labour has proven the best of having the best expertise in the wellness industry. Armed with a holistic approach of alternative, complementary therapies and treatments, yoga ashrams to spas. Wellness tourism in Maharashtra aims to balance body, mind and spirit.

Uses To Tourists / People

It helps the tourists reboot, rediscover themselves for an enhanced quality of life. Tourists experience in-depth and authentic versions of therapies. Get emotionally and physically rejuvenated from these sessions. They experience digital detox to overcome stress-induced due to the digital world and get connected to one’s inner self amidst natural surroundings. Wellness tourism helps to manage stress.

How It Benefits The Community / Tourists

Wellness tourism allows authentic experience by participating in various local activities meant for community development. It offers connections with local people and culture with the creation of opportunities for businesses such as yoga studios, gyms and fitness centres, healthy food stores/markets, meditation centres and many others. Conservation of nature is one of the biggest lessons of wellness tourism. Wellness tourism gives an economic boost to the region, mainly the small and lesser-known regions, which are rich in traditional methods of health and wellness. It aims to prompt the development of nature parks and other natural resources. It helps in bringing the small, untapped but medicinal rich places to the tourist maps of travelers.


Maharashtra has numerous wellness resorts to offer for tourists. Some notable ones are: Atmantan wellness resort located at Mulshi, nested in the hills of Mulshi overlooking the lake. It offers ayurvedic treatment, pain management therapies, and emotional healing sessions. Viveda, located in Trimbakeshwar, offers naturopathy, homoeopathy, Ayurveda, yoga, spa treatments. Govardhan Eco Village, located at Hamrapur, nested in the mountains of Sahyadri. Yoga, Ayurveda and meditation can be availed in this wellness centre. Apart from these resorts, the state offers hundreds of other yoga and meditation centres, some of which can be found in the lush green towns of Lonavala, Matheran, Bhimashankar, Malshej Ghat, Igatpuri, Akkalkot which meet international standards. World’s largest meditation centre is located in Igatpuri at Dhamma Giri. It runs a 10 days course on Vipassana meditation. Dhamma Pattana in Mumbai is a modern centre equipped with western facilities. Osho meditation centre in Pune is one of the largest centres for personal growth. The campus is equipped with a spa, jacuzzi, tennis courts and gym. Maharashtra offers a unique way of traditional healing in the form of tribal local medicine men, Vaidus, who practice the art of herbal medicine. Take a visit to the medicinal plants gardens located at various places across the state, in Pune district, Nashik district, Satara region, Vidarbha region, and the Western ghats. Visit the Bhilla, Korku tribe of Amravati district, Dhangars and Gowlis in Purandhar amongst other tribes to observe their traditional lifestyle, savour the traditional healthy food.