Pomegranate Picking at Parashar Agritourism, Junnar.

Pomegranate Picking festival at Parashar Agritourism, Junnar

Pomegranate is such nutritive fruit for us which helps as anti ageing, anti toxicant, provide relief from stomach disorders, helps to overcome depression, provide youthful and glowing skin,with full of nutrients, minerals & vitamins. Still this pomegranate fruit is not receiving the attention and glamour like apple & grapes. So to promote the pomegranate fruit in consumers as well to receive good market for pomegranate growers & to give exciting experience of pomegranate picking, testing & juice making with rural fun, we have arranged Pomegranate Picking Festival at Parashar Agri & Village Festival. The dates are 14 to 16th April & 29, 30th April & 1st may 2017

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