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Galna Fort (Nashik)

Galna was an important place at the end of the fifteenth century. It had for some time been held by a plundering Maratha chief when, about 1487, two brothers Malik Wuji and Malik Ashraf, the governors of Daulatabad, took it and held it for some time. They brought the country into excellent order. In their contest with Malik Ahmad Nizam Shah of Ahmadnagar, and the disturbances that followed the murder of Malik Wuji, the Musalmans seem to have been forced to, give up Galna, and it again passed to a Maratha chief who was reduced to order and made to pay tribute by Malik Ahmad Nizam Shah in 1506. On the death of Malik Ahmad Nizam Shah in 1510 the Galna chief once more threw off his allegiance and could not be made a tributary till 1530, when, with other Maratha chiefs, he was defeated and forced to pay tribute.

The south side of the hill is a bare scarp for many feet from the wall, and, at about two-thirds of the length from the east, there is a bastion in which are arches of Saracenic form between the central two of which was a slab containing a Persian inscription dated A. D. 1569 (H. 977). There was a second slab in a niche between the battle­ments, fronting the north and surmounting a row of cellars furnished with moderate-sized windows, and probably intended for residences. This slab contained, a Devnagari inscription dated A. D. 1580 (Saka 1502). Below the date were four lines in Persian to the effect that this bastion was built by one Muhammad Ali Khan and completed on the first of Rabi-ul-Akhir Hijri, or from the employment of the Arabic numerals it may be Sursan, 985, which will make the date fourteen years later or 1583.