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Velneshwar (Ratnagiri)

A beach that has not yet been transformed into a commercial hot spot and one that offers tourists excitement and adventure with all the comforts of urban living, is Velneshwar in Konkan. Far from the maddening crowds of the metropolis, yet fairly accessible to a number of major cities of Maharashtra, Velneshwar is an ideal place to spend a quiet weekend. 

The refreshing breeze from the  tranquil sea, the soothing greenery of the coconut and areca nut gardens, the sprawling beach spreading a welcoming carpet of smooth silvery sand – all this presents a perfect scenario for an enjoyable holiday. Reputed for its rock-free beach which facilitates the ease of swimming, Velneshwar is the latest find of holiday-makers visiting Konkan. The sight that greets you is that of a 3-kilometre long unspoiled beach, small houses with red tiled roofs arranged in rows, a simple temple and a rural ambience that promises to free visitors from their urban complexities.

A small hillock on which the village nestles seems to rise straight out of the sea. One can hear the wind rustling through the palm trees and the rhythmic pounding of the ocean. For years together, it remained virtually unexplored and undiscovered by tourists probably because it lacked in basic facilities such as lodging and boarding. Now of course things are changing fast. Many residents offer decent accommodation, lunch and breakfast at affordable costs. Velneshwar is a low-key haven for those who like their vacation laced with not much adventure and undisturbed nature rather than frills. At Velneshwar you will always feel as if being on the brim of discovering something new. Sightseeing, long walks and hours of uninterrupted peace is  what Velneshwar has in store for every tourist.

Distance from Mumbai: 292 kms